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Meme of 2016


I don’t think it likes what it is seeing! 

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What Can You Do To Make The World More Awesome?


What can I do to make the world more awesome? One way I can think of is being me. When I just be me that makes me happy and that should make you happy to.  So just be your self.

Another way I can make the world a better place is to go up to someone that you do not talk to a lot and tell them there awesome and after I do that go up to everyone  you know and say  something nice about them. I think that would be nice.  So i’m going to do that everyday  today.

I think a key thing that the whole world is missing today is kindness and love and just plan being nice to one another. That’s why at least once a day you should go up to someone and be nice to them. Just like try to do that.

One more thing is to get all the home less people off the streets and give them a home and food. So that they can live a better life. Are world should also give the home less people a job so they can make money. When I am older I am going to help a lot of the home less people out on the streets and get them a job and maybe try to get them a nice apartment. So they can start a new life.




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Four Wheeler Fails by Kailey



There is no right or wrong way to ride a four wheeler
That is what my mom’a always said
But her idea changed when I ran over my  nephew on Easter day
My daddy told me to be careful when on my four wheeler and wear that helmet
Now look at me i’m living a good life and I’ve had three or four concussions
AKA I wasn’t listening
But I never go slow
Cause it feels to good to be flying trough the air
Plus that helmets to big and bulky
So who cares as long as i’m living

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The Remote


The Remote

One sizzling summer day
My family was enjoying a satisfying cook out
At my Uncle’s
Are family had just got done stuffing them self’s                                       I was watching TV in my cousins room
Out of no where I saw my cousin and my sister zipping for me
I did not know what to do
I started to run for it but it was to late
They both tackled me for the TV remote
My sister got the TV remote and all I got to watch all day was paw patrol and bubble guppies




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The Man Who Could Fly


Once upon a time on
A beautiful hill
A man stood fourth
With his head
Held to the sky
His arms
Open wide
Like he was giving
A big bear hug
The wind on his neck
His eyes closed
He was about to jump
He got a running start
And that was it
He jumped
He opened one eye
He could not believe it
He was flying
He hoped
He would never come down
He wished with all his might
But then he thought
All my friends would miss me
So he came back down
Now ever where he goes
Ever one calls him
Mr. Bird
But every 5 years
He would go
Back to that very same hill
And he would fly once again

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The Man


Old Man

The man that looks
But knows not of what he sees
The man with his rusty hat
His hand on his chin
When you look in the mans eye you see nothing
No soul
No hope
And no faith
The man just sits and looks to see
What his future will bring
Not just his future
But what tomorrow will become
The man with his plan jacket
With his ears
Listening to hear
What his future is
He is also listening for
What tomorrow will become
The man may never know
What his future is
Or what tomorrow will become
But what he does know
That he had a great life

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My Other Side


little-green-monster-vector_399-2147495183The Monster

In my life my monster/other side tells me that I never do my best and that everything that goes wrong in my life is my flout and that all I am is a big loser that can never do anything right. It tells me that everyone hates me. Like this one time my family was having a contest to see who could run the fastest and I made it in second place and my other side said that I came in second place because that’s all I can get and all always be second best and that I never tried my hardest.

It effects me by me thinking that I can not do my best and some times I do not try because I don’t think it is worth the effort. Like one time in softball at my first practice when I was up to bat and my other side told me I could not hit the ball and I didn’t. Next practice I told my self that I could hit the ball and I heard my team telling me that I could do it and I did I crushed the ball.

One day I was at some place shooting my gun and the monster told me that I was going to miss the target and that I could never hit it and when I shot I missed. The next time I shot I told the monster to shut up and when I shot I hit the target right in the middle.

The way I overcome the monster is tell my self that it is not true. My mom, dad, and sister also tell me that it is not true and that I am successful and that they are proud of me and that they know that I always do my best what ever I do. My best friends prove that I am a nice and hardworking person because they always bring the best out of me. When I am around them the monster leaves me alone.

The monster effects me in many ways but my family, friends and me can overcome the monster every time and I know that the monster does not have a chance against my friends and family because they care about me to much and that is how the monster effects me and that is how I overcome the monster and the monster knows not to hang around telling me I am a nothing because I have a army of friends and family who will do anything to the monster to get the real me back.

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The First Time I Saw Her




The First Time I Saw Her
By Kailey

The first time I saw her
I nursed her with care
When I saw her little face
I was like aw at the cuteness

When I saw her crawl
I almost started to bawl
The little giggle has she crawled
As she squiggled a cross the floor

As she walked with me
As she talked with me
I can not think of anything but her                                                              As we eat buffalo wings

P.S this was about my sister.

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I walk out on the field with my blue and green bat
the pitcher lets it fly
I swing it goes straight to short stop
the glove so close to me
I run with all my strength to home plate
a breath of relief
the only sound is my team cheering for me
the thrill of softball makes playing it the best

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Out in the forest is where i’d like to be
Climbing trees and other things
I lay at night in the soft fields looking into space
Not knowing what tomorrow will bring
 Maybe more friendships or maybe blues
But no matter what tomorrow will bring I know that I will be in the forest with mother nature looking down on me

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