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The Man Who Could Fly


Once upon a time on
A beautiful hill
A man stood fourth
With his head
Held to the sky
His arms
Open wide
Like he was giving
A big bear hug
The wind on his neck
His eyes closed
He was about to jump
He got a running start
And that was it
He jumped
He opened one eye
He could not believe it
He was flying
He hoped
He would never come down
He wished with all his might
But then he thought
All my friends would miss me
So he came back down
Now ever where he goes
Ever one calls him
Mr. Bird
But every 5 years
He would go
Back to that very same hill
And he would fly once again

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“The Man Who Could Fly”

  1. May 17th, 2016 at 5:51 pm      Reply Deanne Says:

    Good job it was a really good poem and you did really well.

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